T 983 - Techno Acrylic Bond

T 983 - Techno Acrylic Bond
TECHNO Acrylic Bond
Primer with excellent adhesion and alkali resistance. It is used for cement, and brick surface
  • 2 hr Dry Time  :  n/a Recoat Time
  • Coverage up to :  10 m2 per liter

                                                                           TECHNICAL INFO





A clear water base primer based on acrylic emulsion, which is specially
designed for hot and cold climates. It is suitable for all weather
conditions.with good adhesion on surfaces,and high resistance to
different weather conditions.
high durability.and good sealing properties.

Recommended to use as a primer on concrete, cement, gypsum and

brick surfaces for interior and exterior applications.

Spray Gun: Recommended Nozzle size: (1.5 – 1.8) mm. Roller: Recommended Type: Soft and smooth woolen roller. Brush: General / Normal type.

Prepare the surface by cleaning it properly
Remove all old paints and make sure that the surface is free from Dust,
Oil, Grease and other dirts.
Apply one coat of “Techno Acrylic Bond” and allow it to full dry

1 US Gallon.
16 Lit. Drums.

In sealed container: 12 months in dry, cool and well ventilated place.

Density 1.01+/- 0.02 at temperature of 25°C. ASTM D-1475
Viscosity (29-30) SEC at temperature of 25°C. ASTM D-562.
Soild content 41.5% (by volume) . ASTM D-5201
Spreading Rate Theoretical spreading rate:9 m²/L at D.F.T. 40 μ.
Water Resistance Pass, 7 days, ASTM D-870
Alkali Resistance Pass, 7 days (1 % solution), ASTM D-1308.
Salt Resistance Pass, 7 days (1.5 % solution), ASTM D-1308.
Adhesion Pass, ASTM D-3359.
DRYING TIME Surface Dry: 30 minutes.
Full Dry 2 hrs.
Recoating interval (minimum) 4 hrs.All above results according to ASTM D-5895.
THINNER Recommended Thinner is “Tap Water”.
Thinning Ratio (15-25)% by volume,for spray Gun application(10-15)% by volume,for roller and brush applicationAnd depends on applica- tion weather conditions